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CHERNS CASE STUDY2Chern’s Case StudyGoal setting is an important part of any company’s success. The goals set shouldbe realistic and attainable. They should also align with your company’s business goals. The following paragraphs explore three process and outcome goals for staffing a sales associate position at Chern’s, an upscale men’s and women’s department store. Process and Outcome GoalsAccording to Phillips & Gully, (2015), Chern’s believes in hiring trustworthy individuals. People who are naturally good and share their core beliefs. They offer training and provide their employees with all the tools they need to succeed. Because of the success Chern’s has had with the employee referral program, one process goal would be to hire through that system and get their employees trained with their current method which has been successful thus far. The outcome of this particular goal would be that they would not lose the talent they currently have but add to the pool of talent.

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The Legal Context Evaluate Adverse Impact: Chern’s Flagship Store
The review of Chern’s Flagship Store and analyzing its full-time sales associates hiring data for evidence of adverse impact, “a substantially different rate of selection in employment decisions that adversely affects a protected group, protected groups under title VII of Civil Right Act include race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age discrimination, and the American with Disabilities Act (Phillips, Gulley, 2015). This evaluation described by, Section 4D of the Uniform Guidelines states that “a selection rate for any race, sex, or ethnic group which is less than 4/5ths (or 80%) of the rate for the group with the highest rate will generally be regarded by the…show more content…

There is a slight difference between Asian and Hispanic employees, Asians have the highest percentage of utilization.
Completing the concentration statistic located in table A-4 titled “Sales Associates Concentration Statistics,” women make up 55 percent of the population of sales associates, but only hold 35 percent of the managerial positions when compared to the male population. The concentration statistic displays a greater percentage of men in managerial positions over women. When reviewing the ethnicities comparison group in sales associates’ concentration the statistics show a fair distribution of races across positions.
After reviewing the data it is apparent the promotional rate of women in managerial positions when compared to the men is disproportional to the size of the population. This shows disparate treatment, the company hires women, but women do not promote at the same pace as men. This shows strong evidence of discrimination and if not resolved will lead to a violation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
To resolve the disparate impact and to alleviate any discrimination all hiring managers must complete training in Equal Opportunity and diversity, this will emulate the best staffing practices by eliminating general barriers and bias, and reduce chances of unintentionally or intentionally discrimination in staffing. A recommendation to establish

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