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ok. The thesis fact is the place you state the optimum factor you try to coach. Yeah, i understand, you have better than one argument. enable me provide you an occasion. Say I definitely have an essay to place in writing approximately planting timber. think extra i'm asserting that planting timber is substantial. i could have 3 important factors: a) plant life produce oxygen; timber are plant life. b) timber furnish residences for incredibly some animals. c) timber are exceedingly. i could say some thing in my thesis like "Planting timber is an substantial component of conserving our international healthful and captivating." In different words, my thesis is the factor i'm attempting to coach: that human beings could plant timber. (ok, so as that became into the weakest thesis ever and could make for a stable essay if I have been 9 years previous--however the factor became into for example a thank you to make a thesis.) on the different hand, flashing back to basic college could be stable. undergo in innovations paragraphs--the way you had to have a topic count sentence--and helping info? and how in an prolonged time, you found out to describe your helping info? nicely, basically think of of the essay you have now as a large-accelerated, multi-paragraph version of that. Your arguments (motives or important factors) you're making are your helping info, and the factors for each argument (minor factors) are the reason of the helping info. The thesis is the subject count sentence for the full component. desire this permits, --Reggie

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The first step to tackling this essay is making sure you fully understand what the prompt is asking.  Because you are a senior in high school, may I suggest that essentially this prompt is asking you to analyze the theme of suicide in "Hamlet."  (Don't be confused: though it says "your thoughts" your essay should include more text-based arguments rather than emotional opinions or personal reactions.)  I usually teach two approaches to tackling a thematic essay and writing a thesis.  You will have to choose which one you think will work best for you.

Idea #1: Brainstorm ideas by listing quotes, ideas, and details from the play that have anything to do with the subject of suicide.  I often encourage students to use a highlighter or sticky notes while they read so they can be collecting "evidence" on a theme.  If you have already finished reading, you'll have to go back and re-skim in order to create this list.  Once you have collected several (at least 10 is a good number to strive for) analyze and categorize quotes and ideas that seem to be similar.  Ask yourself, "Based on this brainstormed evidence, what is Shakespeare trying to say about suicide in "Hamlet?" Work toward answering this question in a somewhat broad statement, and it becomes your working thesis statement.  Hone it further as you begin to organize your essay into topics or categories which will eventually become the "body" of the paper.

Idea #2: Answer the question above (from your reading and class discussions) and then go back and look for evidence to support your answer.  This approach requires a better initial understanding of the text as a whole, but also eliminates the gathering of quotes that ultimately might not be used.

Finally, keep in mind a thesis accomplishes two things. First, it broadly defines what the entire paper will essentially be about.  Second, it gives an idea of the organization of the paper by outlining the sub-topics or categories into which your arguments will be grouped.  A thesis statement can be 1-2 sentences long.

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