Afi 32-6001 Mandatory Assignment

Government Housing

Military Housing 

Military Family Housing aboard Camp Butler is administered by the Air Force IAW Air Force Handbook 32-6009.

Application Process

When you first arrive on Okinawa, the process to obtain a house can appear a bit overwhelming. The Military Housing Office will help you navigate this process and secure a residence quickly so that you can begin enjoying island living. The following steps will streamline the process and will get you into your new residence as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Step 1: Complete and submit DD Form 1746 with a copy of PCS orders, to the DOD Housing Office (Bldg 217).

Step 2: Report to the DOD Housing office on Kadena AFB within the first two work days of your arrival to Okinawa to begin the housing placement process. At that time, you will be placed on the waiting list based on the date you departed your last duty station. The Kadena housing office will provide the DOD member with an In-processing Information Handout. Housing Customer Service will verify and update any applicable information on the DD1746 and inform the DOD member that the housing assignments counselor will contact them regarding their options within 2-3 business days.

Step 3: The housing assignments counselor will make a housing offer based on the member's rank, number of dependents, and duty location. There is a "No Housing Preference Policy", and all assignments will be based on member's entitlements.

Step 4: The member views the housing offer and has one day to accept or reject the housing offer. If member reject the housing offer, TLA (Temporary Lodging Allowance) entitlement will stop.

Step 5: If the member accepts one of the housing offer, the counselor will contact the member to schedule schedules an acceptance briefing appointment.

Step 6: During the acceptance briefing, the member will complete the required paperwork associated with being assigned to government quarters

Mandatory Housing Policy

The accompanied policy went into affect on 1 August 2009 affects all DoD (all services) active duty services members coming to Okinawa on accompanied orders. 

The following excerpt is provided from the Policy letter:

"Effective 1 August 2009, all inbound accompanied personnel will be required to reside on-base, if MFH quarters are available that meet local standards for mandatory assignment. The Executive Agent for family housing on Okinawa and Commanding General (CG), MCB Camp Butler will jointly determine which MFH units meet standards for mandatory assignment under this policy, based upon a variety of criteria (to include, but not limited to, age, condition, size, configuration and date of last renovation)."

"As part of our policy to increase occupancy of on-base military family housing units, we intend to mandate assignment until we achieve 95% occupancy of housing units designated for mandatory assignment. By increasing our occupancy, the Department of Defense will be able to reduce excessive overseas housing allowances at locations where we have available on-base units. Thank you for your support as we improve our utilization of government-provided homes."

Pet Policy 

Not all housing is pet friendly; all efforts will be made to accommodate families with pets. The non-availability of pet friendly housing is not a justification to turn down a housing offer. Pets (cats and dogs) are authorized in single family units, town houses, and multiplex homes. Cats are also authorized in tower buildings, however dogs are only allowed on the 1st and 2nd floor. Pets are not allowed in common areas, to include elevators and playgrounds. Certain dog breeds are prohibited to be taken/shipped to Japan under PCS orders to III MEF or MCB Japan (i.e, Pit Bulls, Rotweilers and Canid-Wolf Hybrids). Per AF directives, certain aggressive dog breeds are prohibited in all military family housing (i.e, Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinscher, Rotweilers, Chow, Wolf Hybrids, etc). Exotic animals such as, but not limited to, reptiles, rodents (other than hamsters and guinea pigs), ferrets, hedgehogs, skunks, rats, raccoons, squirrels, pot bellied pigs, monkeys, arachnids, or any farm animals are not permitted in government housing.

Having a pet does not guarantee you placement in a particular housing unit. Placement is based on availability and the member's entitlement. Only two pets are allowed in family housing.

Availability and Eligibility

There are more than 8,300 on-base housing units, located on seven bases and camps throughout the island of Okinawa. Camps Courtney and McTureous comprise 12 percent of the housing inventory. Camp Kinser makes up another 12 percent. Camp Foster and Camp Lester has 28 percent, and Kadena Air Base has 48 percent of the inventory, which incorporates the Camp Shields and Chibana Housing areas.

Military Family Housing on Okinawa has a "Live Where You Work Policy," which means that every effort is made to offer members a unit closest to their duty stations. The DoD standard for commute time between home and work is 60 minutes or less.

Through the DoD Military Housing webpage, members of the DoD community moving to the Okinawa will have the ability to view possible floor plans of housing units that they may be offered. Please note, with the large number of housing units throughout the island of Okinawa, there are countless types of floor plans. Those included in this site are merely a sampling, designed to give members an idea of square footage, potential locations, and planning how much furniture to bring. This does not mean that each housing unit will necessarily be available when a member arrives at Okinawa, nor does it mean that each member will be offered one of the available types of housing units.

By selecting from the drop down menus, members can access a list of the type of housing units they are entitled per AFI 32-6001 (the executive agents guiding document for housing entitlements). Once all pertinent data about the member has been entered, a screen will pop up which allows the user to populate floor plans with furniture types. Be sure to select full screen to view complete floor plans, and all furniture types by category.

Waiting period for housing is determined by your rank, number of dependents and where you work.

Single Service Member Housing 

Single or unaccompanied service member will be assigned billeting after checking in with command at your new camp. Billeting requirements vary for each command and camp.

As per the policy change on 1 June 2009, all E7's and below, CWO1-CWO3, and O-1 to O-3 personnel are required to stay in billeting on base if adequate quarters are available. 

For more information on Okinawa Military Family Housing (Process to obtain a House, Housing Directory – Floor Plans, Government Furniture, Off-Base Housing, etc.) visit our website.

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