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Page 2 Mark Scheme Syllabus Paper GCE A LEVEL – October/November 2012 9709 33

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Mark Scheme Notes

Marks are of the following three types:M Method mark, awarded for a valid method applied to the problem. Method marks arenot lost for numerical errors, algebraic slips or errors in units. However, it is not usuallysufficient for a candidate just to indicate an intention of using some method or just toquote a formula; the formula or idea must be applied to the specific problem in hand,e.g. by substituting the relevant quantities into the formula. Correct application of aformula without the formula being quoted obviously earns the M mark and in somecases an M mark can be implied from a correct answer. A Accuracy mark, awarded for a correct answer or intermediate step correctly obtained. Accuracy marks cannot be given unless the associated method mark is earned (or implied).B Mark for a correct result or statement independent of method marks.When a part of a question has two or more “method” steps, the M marks are generallyindependent unless the scheme specifically says otherwise; and similarly when there areseveral B marks allocated. The notation DM or DB (or dep*) is used to indicate that aparticular M or B mark is dependent on an earlier M or B (asterisked) mark in the scheme.When two or more steps are run together by the candidate, the earlier marks are implied andfull credit is given.The symbolimplies that the A or B mark indicated is allowed for work correctly followingon from previously incorrect results. Otherwise, A or B marks are given for correct workonly. A and B marks are not given for fortuitously “correct” answers or results obtained fromincorrect working.Note: B2 or A2 means that the candidate can earn 2 or 0.B2/1/0 means that the candidate can earn anything from 0 to 2.The marks indicated in the scheme may not be subdivided. If there is genuine doubt whether a candidate has earned a mark, allow the candidate the benefit of the doubt. Unlessotherwise indicated, marks once gained cannot subsequently be lost, e.g. wrong workingfollowing a correct form of answer is ignored.Wrong or missing units in an answer should not lead to the loss of a mark unless thescheme specifically indicates otherwise.For a numerical answer, allow the A or B mark if a value is obtained which is correct to 3 s.f.,or which would be correct to 3 s.f. if rounded (1 d.p. in the case of an angle). As statedabove, an A or B mark is not given if a correct numerical answer arises fortuitously fromincorrect working. For Mechanics questions, allow A or B

marks for correct answers whicharise from taking

equal to 9.8 or 9.81 instead of 10.

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